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Dental Fillings Specialist in Newnan, GA

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Dental Fillings Specialist Near Me in Newnan, GA
Dental Fillings Specialist Near Me in Newnan, GA

Table of Contents:

What are the 5 types of dental filling?
How long do fillings last on your teeth?
What are the best fillings for teeth?
Which type of dental filling is better?

Fillings are a dental composite that are used to repair or restore teeth. They can be made of various materials and are commonly used to treat decay or cracks found on the tooth.

What are the 5 types of dental filling?

Fillings can be made with various materials which lend themselves to protecting and strengthening the affected tooth.

The five types of dental fillings are:

1. Amalgam. These are commonly referred to as “silver” fillings despite being a mix of silver, tin, copper, and mercury. They’re strong and long-lasting, as well as relatively cheap. However, amalgam fillings do break and corrode over time which can lead to stained, discolored teeth. 
2. Composite. These fillings are made of powdered glass and acrylic resin. They are popular because they can be color matched to your teeth, which is aesthetically preferable to many patients.  These types of filling do wear out more quickly than traditional amalgam, especially if you’re prone to putting a lot of chewing pressure on your teeth.
3. Gold. Gold fillings aren’t purely made of gold, but the gold component makes them some of the most durable fillings available. They can last over twenty years, don’t corrode like amalgam fillings, and are very durable regardless of the chewing pressure applied. While they’re one of the most reliable types of fillings, they’re also the most expensive, visually noticeable, and time-consuming to complete.
4. Porcelain. Don’t let the name fool you – these fillings are strong and built to last. They can be colored to match the shade of your teeth and are also none-staining which makes them a popular option for many. Like gold fillings, they also require multiple appointments to insert and can be quite pricey.
5. Glass Ionomer. Also known as resin ionomer fillings, these are composed of acrylic and fluoroaluminosilicate (which is the primary component of glass). These are most commonly used on baby teeth or are used as cement for inlay fillings where there is a lot of decay around the root of the tooth. This type of filling generally lasts 5 years, making it the one with the lowest longevity amongst its counterparts.

How long do fillings last on your teeth?

Fillings, on average, last for around 10 years. This will depend on the type of filling that you get as well as maintaining good oral hygiene practices.
Other factors that may affect the longevity of a filling are:

– Your eating habits
– Any cracks and/or trauma to your tooth
– Levels of decay around the filling
– Grinding your teeth, either awake or sleeping

It’s important to talk to your dentist about the best care practices to maintain your filling. They will be able to provide a maintenance plan to keep teeth strong and healthy, and to avoid having to go in for premature filling replacements.  

What are the best fillings for teeth?

The most effective and popular types of fillings that patients receive are composite and porcelain fillings. These are generally preferred because they’re strong and reliable, and are also able to be color-matched to the shade of your teeth.
Composite fillings bond directly to the tooth structure, which provides extra support to the damaged tooth. They’re also one of the most cost-effective options.
Porcelain fillings, while more expensive, are just as safe and durable but are also resistant to staining.

Which type of dental filling is better?

All dental fillings have their place. However, composite and porcelain ceramic fillings are the most common, popular, and widely used. This is because they’re safe and durable, while also carrying high rates of longevity. They’re also both aesthetically pleasing as they can be color matched to your teeth.
Composite fillings are renowned for being the more affordable option, while porcelain are more expensive but also offer resistance to staining. 
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