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Same Day Crowns

Dental Crowns Specialist in Newnan, GA

Dr. Michael Hampton offers a dental procedure in which a cap is placed over the tooth to improve the size, strength, form, and aesthetics of teeth. If you have tooth decay, broken teeth that need to be fixed, or you need to hold dental bridges then a dental crown is the right choice for you. If you are beginning to notice sensitivities occurring within your mouth, or you think you or your loved ones are dealing with a cavity, may need a filling, or more. Contact our dental office Modern Family Dentistry today to schedule your appointment! We are located at 7 Baynard Park St. A, Newnan, GA 30265.

Dental Crowns Specialist Near Me in Newnan, GA
Dental Crowns Specialist Near Me in Newnan, GA

Table of Contents:

What are dental crowns?
What is the treatment process for crowns?
How do you care for dental crowns?
How much does a tooth crown cost?
How many teeth can go in a crown?

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are a personalized cap for patients who have damaged teeth. Dental crowns can be made from a wide variety of different materials that are sustainable including metal or porcelain. Many of our patients who have a crown are often over a molar; however, these dental crowns are rarely visible unless you end up yawning quite big or if you have to have a dental crown applied at the front of the mouth. Each dental crown created is designed and custom fit to match the natural teeth, for cosmetic purposes, the color and shape will all be created specifically for each individual patient.

There are a few different factors involved when considering a crown type:
– Cost of the dental crown treatment
– Strength of the dental crown
– Durability of the dental crown
Many patients’ first request when it comes to having a dental crown completed is they want it to look as natural as possible in appearance. This is often due to the fact they do not want others to know they have a dental crown in the first place. Our dental crown specialists at Modern Family Dentistry will discuss the dental crown options available with you, and depending on the severity of the tooth/teeth, and what will be considered best for you, as well as your oral health, we will provide recommendations before moving onto the procedure itself.
There are a few different types of sustainable materials available to be used for your dental crown, the two main options we often recommend are the porcelain and metal, while these are the best options, there are others available including:
– Ceramic
– Zirconia
– Composite resin
– The combined materials listed above
Modern Family Dentistry specialists will also take into consideration the many factors involved when deciding which type of material, we will recommend for you:
– Place of the tooth/teeth that will need the dental crown
– Amount of the tooth that will be visible
– Position of the tooth and gum’s tissues when you smile
– Functionality of the tooth that needs a dental crown
– Percentage of the affected tooth that is left
– Natural color of the teeth

What is the treatment process for crowns?

One of the main factors in the dental crown process if you are receiving one-day dental procedures or even a multi-day dental procedure, the treatment process will follow the same process:

1. Identify which tooth has been affected, where on the tooth the cavity is, and start the clean-up process of the cavity
2. Trim the tooth, if necessary, when completed, create a base for the dental crown to fit tight and snug
3. Place the created temporary crown onto the tooth, once the permanent crown has been created and is ready, replace the temporary dental crown with the permanent dental crown (this one is for multi-day procedures)
4. Same-day procedures allow the permanent crown to be placed immediately after the base has been completed.

How do you care for dental crowns?

Our dental crown specialists will review with you the after-care instructions during your appointment, the main care instructions necessary to remember so your dental crown will last years to come to include:

– Avoid any hard foods or sticky drinks
– Regularly brush, floss and use mouthwash daily to maintain proper oral health
– Try to curb bad habits including smoking
– Using a nightguard to stop any night grinding or clenching of the jaw
– Visit your dental clinic regularly for your dentist to do check-ups and cleanings to keep your teeth and mouth clean and healthy

How much does a tooth crown cost?

Dental crowns for teeth are considered one of the top-tier solutions for covering damaged teeth and even restoring dental implants. Dental crowns are comfortable and an easy procedure to complete; however, this particular procedure will differ for each patient due to any unforeseen circumstances and variables that may come up within the procedure.

Preparation for the dental crown involves choosing the number of dental crowns necessary, the material which will be best for the dental crown, as well as many other factors that may come up during the appointment. All of this will go into the final cost for the dental crown, which is why the cost for dental crowns is so widely varying for each individual’s circumstances.

Normally, dental crowns and caps cost an estimated average of $900 to $1200 per crown. This is going to also greatly depend on the location of each dental clinic. Often though, dental insurance will cover more than half of the cost of dental crowns, speak to your advisor about your dental insurance to ensure you have coverage.

How many teeth can go in a crown?

Crowns are individually created for a single tooth, it’s to ensure that nothing is able to get under the crown and cause any damage or infection, but also act as a natural tooth would, and allow you to continue to do normal things you want like a swallow, chew, and eat without worrying about anything getting caught or manipulating the dental crown.